Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Astros Game

I have absolutely no clue as to what happened at the game- I 'think' the Astros lost. hehe
But another title for this post might be... "How to keep a 2 year old busy for 3 hours".
All I know is, we had three hours of popcorn, chips, water, pop, peanuts, crackers, fruit snacks, suckers, and sno cones- followed by fireworks. It might be difficult to see the game from the cheap seats (way up high in the stadium), but they were perfect to see the fireworks (way up high in the stadium). In fact that was the closest I've ever been to some really good fireworks :)

I told Ron, that some time he might have to just take 'me' to the game to find out what it's really like to watch the Astros :) 

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