Monday, July 16, 2012

Changing of the Guard...

oh wait... I mean "Changing of the Guests".
We had a full house over the weekend. Annie and her boys were still here, Alex came (from Corpus Christie- where he is working), Sam, Audrey, and Eli came from Dallas, and Mike, Carrie, and their boys arrived from Angola on Friday. One of our weekend activities was a birthday party for Weston. He turned "2" on Friday. (Annie made the fancy CAR cake and cupcakes) Annie and her boys went to Dallas yesterday afternoon. Alex went back to Corpus Christie. Sam and Audrey went home, just a few hours before Annie. Too bad Audrey and Eli went home sick :(

So 'maid service' showed up bright and early this morning to scrub bathrooms, wash towels and sheets, and vacuum. (Now, Mike, Carrie, Nicholas, and Ryan are staying with us).

Now, we have two new boys to play with our toys :)

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