Sunday, July 22, 2012

Deja Vu

We went to church this morning, then I had my nap- now I'm ready to go again. It seems like deja vu- clean up the house, and get ready for a class here tonight. Then tonight and tomorrow- wash towels, wash sheets, clean bathrooms, sort out toys and dishes, clean out the refrig. Mike, Carrie, and the boys will be in Cancun until Thursday. Annie and her boys are coming back this week. So...changing of the guests again :) Yesterday mom and I went to work. Ron took Nicholas and Ryan to the children's museum. Mike and Carrie went shopping. Then we all met for dinner at Red Lobster (one of Nicholas' favorite places to eat crab legs) We have had an exciting three weeks. One more, fun filled week to go and then we will get back to "boring". hehe

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