Sunday, July 29, 2012

One of the Mysteries of Life...

is the germ world. You can't see em, you can't know exactly where they are. We will never know how it got started or how it spread, but the stomach bug got us.
(Ron is just one day behind me. I started having trouble early Saturday morning and he started having trouble this morning.)
Sometimes we may not feel quite right and we are not sure if we are really sick or not. No doubt here... you know you are really sick when... you vomit in the wastebasket while sitting on the toilet. You wear your sweat pants, tee shirt, socks, and sweater to bed and still cover up with all of the blankets. Even after mostly staying in bed for 36 hours you go back to bed because you can only stand up long enough to make it to the bathroom. Your stomach rebels against plain rice.
All I know is I hope I have enough energy tomorrow to disinfect this place :) Although, I guess it is alittle late for that. hehe

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