Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Empty Spaces

Two completely empty closets.

One completely empty bedroom. We have two new twin size beds coming for that room. Not sure if the dark purple curtains are staying or going.

One ALMOST empty bedroom. It still has a bed, a rocker, and two nightstands in it, but some of those items could go to the storage unit, if they are not needed.  

Oh yeah...and a baby bed for Mason :)
Tell him that we are ready- he can arrive any day now.

So here is the rest of the story. As soon as Mason is born, Ashley, Daniel, and the kids are moving in with us. Now you know why I have been creating empty space. The baby due date is Aug. 24, but they are hoping he will arrive this week, so they can travel by the end of the month. Since the whole schedule is still unpredictable we have no details on exactly when and how they are moving. But, we are almost ready here. We won't discuss what my back porch and garage look like at this point, but if I still have another week, I'll be able to take care of those :)

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