Sunday, August 19, 2012

Homecoming at The Silver Hanger

I realized that I haven't posted very much about my store and that still pretty much consumes my life. Since it is back-to-school time, that means it is "Homecoming dress season" for us. Most girls here in Texas are looking for a short, inexpensive dress. We have tried to have selections in various categories- plus size, modest, and contemporary. We have some cute accessories and we have custom made jackets. We had a pretty good "Spring prom/bridal season", through April. Then we have had a funny, slower than normal summer. May, June, and July our sales have dropped off more than usual, but now we are having a better August than normal. (But normal for August is very low- so to be doing better than normal for August, may not be saying much :) We are doing pretty well with our contemporary market- our modest market is very disappointing. This will be our last Homecoming season- we will be closing out that department by Christmas. I have some amazing ladies that work at my store. Most of my "high school girls" have moved or are off to college. I have a new college girl ready for Saturday hours this fall and for Spring. I have a lady that works on Fridays. She has a very flexible schedule, she can usually fill in last minute if someone is sick or has another appointment and she speaks both Spanish and English.  I have a lady that works there full time. (full time there is still only 31 hours a week) She has done amazing things for our website, email advertising, FB advertising, inventory reports and she has great customer service skills. Mom works there a couple days a week and is still our executive secretary. I show up occasionally. (hehe)
During the next 9 months we will be closing out various departments. I have a friend in Bartlesville who keeps talking about how her life is changing. Yep, me too. It's almost time to move into a new season of life.
PS- I almost forgot to mention, we have had some cute girls model dresses for us. The pictures at the top of my post just went out on Face Book. (While a couple of the pics. are supplied by our vendors, the rest of them are our own local girls.) 
Shout out... Thank you... to Madelaine and Kyna.

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