Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Week in Utah

3 days after Mason was born, Ron and I flew out to Utah. Sam also flew out there too, just one day before us. On Thursday evening and Friday morning we packed boxes and loaded the truck. On Friday afternoon, Daniel, Ron, Sam, Hailey and Jaden (with the truck and the extra car) took off toward Texas. They arrived at our house on Monday afternoon. ( They spent Friday night in Utah, Saturday night in New Mexico.They spent Sunday evening at Sam and Audrey's house.) Ashley, Mason, and I stayed with Alison and Micah, until Sept. 5.  Here are a few cute pics. of the kids.

 (HAPPY) Emmy


Emmy and Dallin

Hailey and Jaden


The day before we left- I helped Alison make cookies for a Relief Society meeting.

Melted snowmen cookies. (Christmas)

Witch hat cookies. (Halloween)

Pilgrim hat cookies. (Thanksgiving)

The snowmen cookies are made from a sugar cookie mix. The cookies could be rolled and cut into circles, but it is just as cute to just flatten balls of dough with your fingers, into irregular circle shapes. Bake and then frost with a powdered sugar frosting that sets. For the slightly melted marshmallow- place 10-12 marshmallows on a microwave safe plate (spray the plate with cooking spray)- microwave for about 30 seconds or just until they start to get puffy. Carefully pull the marshmallows off the plate and set on cookies. Decorate with (piped) colored icing for face, scarf, and arms.

The witch hats are Hersheys Kisses attached to the bottom of a fudge stripe cookie with orange frosting.

The pilgrim hats are a peanut butter cup (upside down) attached to the bottom of a fudge stripe cookie with yellow frosting. (also small black piping, frosting, for a buckle)

Micah thought Mason might like a cookie with his milk :) 

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