Monday, October 29, 2012

What's on the Menu?

We had a little Halloween dinner/FHE tonight. On the menu was...

Mini, mummy pizzas.

Individual, seven layer dip and chips.

Punch with gummy worm ice cubes.

Mummy dogs.

Skinny girl cupcakes.

It's a good thing that Halloween food can look a little scary :) Jaden and Hailey helped make all of the food. The pizzas were made with Rhodes rolls, pizza sauce, cheese, and olives. The layered dip was fun in individual cups. (with lids, so easy to keep the leftovers in the fridge) Frozen and thawed gummy worms are pretty slimy! Mummy dogs are hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls- they were "the best hot dogs we've ever had"! Skinny girl cupcakes are made with a cake mix and Sprite zero. The frosting is cool whip and fat free, sugar free vanilla pudding. The kids decorated them. They tasted pretty good, but were a strange texture. Like I said...good thing Halloween food can be a little scary. hehe
After dinner, we played "Don't Eat Frank" and "Halloween Bingo".

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