Thursday, November 29, 2012

36 Years

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Ron. Tomorrow is his last day of work at ConocoPhillips. He started working for Phillips Coal Company in 1976, in Dallas. In 1978 we moved to Denver with Phillips 66. In 1987 we moved to Bartlesville and in 2002 we moved to Houston when Conoco and Phillips merged. He has worked very hard during those years- never even taking a sick day. (Even after having surgery in China, he was right back at work) He was one of those people to go in early and leave late- but he also always had time for the kids and their activities. If his job required him to stay all night- he did. He has been of great value to his company. And even greater value to his family. He has taught us a great work ethic and has shown awesome self discipline and sense of responsibility. As he worked hard he also saved money and planned for the future. We are getting ready to realize that "future" in building a new home, just west of SanAntonio. I hope he truly gets to enjoy the fruits of his labors. (Although it already looks like complete retirement is not to be had yet. He already has part time job offers that are pretty appealing) With all of these changes and some other responsibilities at our house and at my store, my plate is full. But my heart is also full- with gratitude to Ron for all of his hard work. And to Heavenly Father for all of our blessings.
Let the adventure begin :)

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