Monday, November 5, 2012

Adjusting the Sails

We are adjusting the sails at our house. About three weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The doctors were able to determine that from a CT scan, a blood test, and a biopsy. They decided that she should have three treatments of chemo therapy, then surgery, and then three more treatments of chemo. She had her first treatment two weeks ago. Her second one will be the end of next week. She will probably loose her hair. The girls and I have a assignment to purchase some cute hats and scarfs for her :) In the past three weeks there have been, some "angels among us".

The attendent at the CT scan had a great sense of humor and friendliness about him.
A complete stranger in the St. Lukes lobby (when we went for the biopsy) was quick thinking and found us a wheel chair. (We had no idea, when we arrived, how far mom would have to walk to find the waiting room for her proceedure)
The nurse that administered the chemo therapy was particularly sweet. (we spent about 7 hours with her) She even helped mom hunt through the sucker basket to find two of the same flavor :)
Mom had a sweet friend that sent her a card and a check for $50- saying to use that for parking or co-pay. (very few people think about the parking expense- probably only someone who has "been there")
And last, but not least, Ashley spent an evening helping mom with a foot soak and pedicure.
Mom will have her third chemo treatment on Dec. 6 and then surgery will probably be scheduled right after Christmas. If the tumor inside her liver turns out to ovarian cancer, the cancer is stage four. If it doesn't respond to the chemo, it could be something else- then the cancer is stage three. (there will be another CT scan, in December, to see how that tumor responds)

Here is a good photo- that we took this summer when Annie and her boys were here.
All of the great grand kids, call her GG- (Great Grandma).

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