Sunday, December 2, 2012

November 30, 2012




Cake? What cake?



Marker? What marker?

 Last day of work at ConocoPhillips. Ron kept claiming that it was no big deal. But, it really is a big deal :) He said it felt pretty strange walking out of his office for the last time and driving away. He kept his emotions in check pretty well until he got home and I gave him the book from me and the kids, with personal letters written in it. (I did give it to him with a small package of kleenex :)

I guess I have been imagining this day with a much older couple- hehe.

What do we do now???

For one thing he is not getting up tomorrow morning at 4:45. Which means I am not getting up at 5:30. For many years I have been getting up with him to have breakfast and scripture study. (I guess now, he will have to get up with me for breakfast and scripture study :) Then we will "take a number" to get in the shower. haha


The Wildwood said...

Trust me you will be busier than ever! Ron looks like you had a nice retirement party and the family was busy making wonderful scrapbook memorabilia for you. You two will have time to enjoy what life has to offer old retired folks, but Deb might make you go to the shop and sew and do fittings if you don't get her to retire!
Best of luck for a bright new future with lots of love from the family!
Karen and Ross

Sharon said...

Hey Ron,
Harold says life with no stress is great. Every day is a weekend.