Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Year of the House

On the Chinese calendar, 2013 is the year of the "Snake".
 2013 for us, will be the year of the "House".
We are probably within a month of breaking ground. At least, we are hoping for that schedule :) No one thoroughly explained to us, just exactly how many decisions have to be made when building a house. We are still working through that list as quick as possible- and making progress :) Stay tuned for occasional updates.
These first two pictures are at the front gate of the community. Bridlegate is located near Bandera, Texas.

Three great minds trying to figure out where the house sits :) At least now that the trees are cleared out, this task is somewhat easier.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A 3fer Weekend

It was a 3fer 1 visit for Daniel's parents. 1 visit, but 3 events.

1st event was Daniel's birthday on Thursday evening.

2nd event was Jaden's baptism on  Saturday morning.

Al, Emmy, and Dal were here.

Also Eli, Aud, and Sam were here.

Yummy cupcakes...just ask Dal :)

The kids enjoyed some "cousin time" together.

3rd event was Mason's blessing on Sunday afternoon.

Wait a minute... maybe it was a 4fer weekend.

Jaden raced his pinewood derby car on Friday evening.
(His car got second place)