Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little White Dress

We are headed to CA this weekend with a little white dress.
Savannah's blessing is on Sunday.

 Annie's wedding dress.

 Savannah's blessing dress.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

You Would Think...

it's Ron's birthday, or something, and he feels like he can do whatever he wants :)
He has been sitting on our bed reading a book all evening. Pretty exciting stuff around here :) He is old enough to retire..oh wait a minute...he already did that. But he is not old enough to get all of his retirement money yet. (59.5 for that :) But we already have plans to spend a good portion of that as soon as he gets it. haha
Since my oven is broken, I did the best I could with dinner in a crock pot. He is not a birthday cake person, but I know he loves pie. Thanks to a friend, willing to give up part of her Sunday afternoon nap, to let me use her oven- we had birthday, raspberry apple rhubarb pie. (I have managed, to figure out how to master that after 36 years.) I wasn't going to buy him a gift, but there were some music CD's he wanted. I ordered those on line last week- hoping to be a surprise, but I didn't get to the email confirmation before he did. So no surprise, and not arriving until Thursday. I told you there is some exciting stuff around here. We maybe old and boring, but we are still in love with each other. We have some exciting plans for this year. I'm super glad that I have Ron- he is a great husband, and father. And unlike with the kids (where I may not know exactly where they are these days) I usually have no trouble finding Ron... right there beside me!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Middle Child...

is 30!
Now no counting to try to figure out how old that makes me :)
Sounds like Sam has turned the "go to a wedding week" into "celebrate Aud's bday all week". It started out with thirty candles, that caught her hair on fire :) I'm not sure exactly what else has been planned and I'm not sure exactly where they are. I guess I'm not supposed to know where my children are, any more, right?!
Happy Birthday. We love you and we adore your cute family.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

For Ron

This song seems like it is "from" a guy- but if you skip the line about "giving life to our children"- it works just as well "for" a guy :) Ron truly is my bread, my shelter, my hope, my strength, my anchor, and my best friend. My Valentine.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Corner Man...Oh, I mean Corner Woman

I did what I was told. "Here take the end of this tape measure and go stand at that corner." So I was Ron's corner woman, to roughly stake out the house.

Here he is, trying to figure out something :)
While, I am standing at a corner with my camera.

I can't remember which corner I was standing at here.
This might be the front of the house or it might be the back of the house :)

This pile of cactus is the corner of the wrap around porch,
just outside of Ron's study.

In this picture, I am standing in mom's bedroom, looking out a back window. Those trees will need to be removed- they are too close to the house.

In this picture, I am standing in the back yard, looking down the breezeway between the house and the garage.

This pile of burnt rocks is our living room.

Are you impressed yet? hehe
It will only get better from here.

Date Night- Feb 9, 2013

Valentine dinner for me. Birthday dinner for Ron.
We went to "The Creek" restaurant in Boerne. It was a dark, rainy, foggy drive between Bandera and Boerne. But I had a great companion and a great dinner.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I have an 8 year old grandson living at our house. Sometimes he is heard to exclaim, "Seriously!?", while rolling his eyes. (The only people that will find this post amusing are those that have heard and seen him do that :)
Yesterday, Ron picked up our final house plans from the architect. (Actually he picked up 6 sets of full size drawings.) We will not mention the exact price tag on this set of plans. But lets just say that my Dad is somewhere in heaven, rolling his eyes and loudly exclaiming, "Seriously!?"
(and I am seriously missing him and his wisdom on this project)
Anyway... phase 1 complete. Getting ready to begin phase 2.

Today, Ron is there at our property. He met two young men there at 7 am this morning to start stacking firewood (logs cut and left from the tree clearing). Also, Ron is going to start clearing out the "back slope". Most people speak of a "back 40", we will be speaking of a back slope. Behind our house the yard makes a rather steep slope down to the Medina river. It will take some serious leg (also back and arm) work to clear that out :) Since he had to be there at 7 am and it takes 4 hours to get there from our house in Katy- he knows how to ruin a good nights sleep (for both him and me :)