Sunday, February 17, 2013

You Would Think...

it's Ron's birthday, or something, and he feels like he can do whatever he wants :)
He has been sitting on our bed reading a book all evening. Pretty exciting stuff around here :) He is old enough to retire..oh wait a minute...he already did that. But he is not old enough to get all of his retirement money yet. (59.5 for that :) But we already have plans to spend a good portion of that as soon as he gets it. haha
Since my oven is broken, I did the best I could with dinner in a crock pot. He is not a birthday cake person, but I know he loves pie. Thanks to a friend, willing to give up part of her Sunday afternoon nap, to let me use her oven- we had birthday, raspberry apple rhubarb pie. (I have managed, to figure out how to master that after 36 years.) I wasn't going to buy him a gift, but there were some music CD's he wanted. I ordered those on line last week- hoping to be a surprise, but I didn't get to the email confirmation before he did. So no surprise, and not arriving until Thursday. I told you there is some exciting stuff around here. We maybe old and boring, but we are still in love with each other. We have some exciting plans for this year. I'm super glad that I have Ron- he is a great husband, and father. And unlike with the kids (where I may not know exactly where they are these days) I usually have no trouble finding Ron... right there beside me!

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