Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11

Today...I am still celebrating my Dad and missing him. I'm really wishing he was here to help on our house building project. I hope he is proud of it when we are finished- although he wouldn't appreciate how much money we are spending :) I think he might appreciate our builder though, maybe a carpenter after his own heart. After we move in, I'll have one of Dad's cowboy hats hanging near the front door. I'll be missing him every time I drive past a golf course, near Bridlegate. And I'll be missing him as we enjoy the wildlife, trees, and river there. (Of course that area is "Texas style" nature instead of "Red Feather Lakes style" nature :)
Dad would have been 82 today.


Annie said...

I shouldn't have checked this before I went to bed... now I'm teary-eyed. I still think of Grandpa when I see Owen or Weston wearing cowboy boots!

Ashley and Daniel said...

Its funny.. the drive out to your property brought back fond memories of the drive out to the ranch. I envisioned the joy on the kids' faces as we wind around through the rural hill country knowing they are getting closer and closer to Baba and Papas house. I know Red Feather holds many cherished memories that I will miss dearly and will miss having our children experience. But we are looking forward to many fond memories at Baba and Papa's "Ranch".