Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bandera Trip April 26/27

On Friday evening we took mom, and headed for San Antonio. (This was the first time that mom has been to the property in quite a while. And her first time to see anything on the progress on the house) We stopped for dinner at a German restaurant in Columbus. (We have decided that by the time the house is finished, we will have tried every restaurant, along I10, between Katy and San Antonio). We stayed in a LaQuinta, near Helotes on Friday night. Then went on to Bandera on Saturday morning. We thought we were going to watch them pour the foundation, on Saturday morning, but that got postponed because of chances of rain. Even though they probably could have poured it and finished on Saturday, it was better to error on the side of caution, than to take any chances. That is a HUGE piece of cement- it needs to be absolutely correct, in one pour without any complications. Here are a few pics- all of the foundation frame work is done, plumbing and electrical- that needs to be in the foundation done, all metal bar in place, all fill is bagged and in place. They will probably actually pour the cement some time this next week. I don't recall the exact number of cement trucks it will take, but let's just say....many.

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