Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Fun

 Here are a few pictures from Easter weekend- 
colored eggs, plastic egg caterpillars, egg pictures, sugar cookies, and Easter baskets. I did most of these activities with Hailey and Jaden on Friday. Ashley didn't get a whole day to herself, but at least she spent a little time shopping with just Mason. Ron also had the kids plant flower seeds in the yard. And they spent alittle time in the wading pool. Ron didn't want to eat any Easter eggs that were looking at him :) We glued little google eyes on them after the coloring festivities :)
Mason especially enjoyed his Easter bucket. He is at a fun age, where he can sit up and play with many of his toys now. He also loves to eat his cereal, veggies and fruits. He almost always has a big smile on his face.

Here are the cookies that I frosted...

Here are the cookies that the kids frosted....
 or maybe it was the other way around. hehe

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