Monday, April 15, 2013

Hand Me Another Kleenex

Just about the time we think we have things "all figured out"- then everything changes! It has taken us 6 months to settle into a normal (?) routine with the Petes living here- at least we had a working bathroom schedule figured out :) The adjustment of Daniel going off to work everyday and Ash staying home with 3 kidos was accomplished. Since November- the adjustment of Ron being retired was made. Mom made it through her rigorous schedule of her chemo and surgery with flying colors. The store...well lets just's been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs...and a few tears... but thanks to Nicki... things are moving along there and "coasting" to a close. Then in a couple of quick weeks, life as we have known it changed. Daniel, Hailey and Jaden left for Utah on Saturday. Ashley and I are trying to sort stuff out, get ready for garage sale, and get their things all packed up. There is a new job opportunity in Logan, Utah, for Daniel. Mom's doctor appointment schedule has dramatically tapered off. I still have to show up at the store about 3 days a week. And...Ron went back to work today :) (As soon as Daniel is not in the shower in the morning, Ron is. hehe)
Ron will be back at ConocoPhillips at 60%- probably Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. He will be at the office for now, but eventually working from home. (never fear, I will post more about him later :)
Here is the only picture we were able to get on Saturday, right before the kids left. Sorry, it was the best we could do. And, hand me another kleenex :(

Gotta go- I'm hauling stuff out of the attic today. I'm going to try to put Alison's stuff on the truck that will be going to Utah! Plus, remember, we are moving later this year, too. I'm only having 1 garage sale- so huge sorting project- it's either going to Bandera or not!! All of the "not" stuff is either trash or garage sale, now :)

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