Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Official

We have a builders sign in the front of the lot.

And we are the proud owners of 113 pages of official "legal terms", for a construction loan. (No thought of saving paper from Fema, the government, or the bank :) For example...it took 2 pages, just to say that we will actually live in the house, after it is built. It was one of those documents that no one can actually read all of it, just sign it and then find out what's in it :) 
It's kind of funny to get a loan, for money that we already have- but if we actually get our money to use, the government takes more than a third of it for taxes. Our money can actually earn more money, than the interest rate on the loan. We also had to buy flood insurance, since part of our property is in a flood plane. Keep in mind that only a small part of the property has river on it- some times the river is completely dry and the house will actually sit about 40 feet above any flood area. But we still had to pay money to get an official elevation certificate, then buy flood insurance, then later, we will pay money for a second survey, then file a form saying that we don't actually need flood insurance on the home, then get reimbursed for the flood insurance that we had to buy, that we don't really need. (Does this give you an idea of how Fema and our government functions? :)
Anyway... the official time for the builder to begin is 7 am on Thursday, April 4. (we had to get yet another form notarized, with an exact start time on it :) Yesterday, Ron spent some time breaking up some rocks with a sledge hammer, while I went to San Antonio, to shop for floor and wall tile. (Ron and the builder also met with a gentlemen to figure out details on a geothermal heat and air system)
Sam, Audrey, and Eli are meeting us there this next weekend for an official ground breaking ceremony. hehe

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