Sunday, April 28, 2013

Laugh AND Cry

There has only been one movie (Steel Magnolias) where I wanted to laugh AND cry at the same time. Then recently, at church, there was a lady teaching a lesson, where (because of her great sense of humor) I wanted to laugh AND cry at the same time. Now at our house- it is one of those laugh AND cry at the same time moments- the Petes are gone. We are sad, to miss their family- miss the bedtime hugs, miss Mason's happy face, miss watching Daniel diligently go off to Houston traffic and work every day- miss Ashley's great example of a mothers patience. (Ashley truly is an awesome example of total patience and kindness with the kids. Those kids will never totally appreciate her :) We are missing all of the family dinners and sitting together at church. (several people noticed today that we were "all alone") But... we are happy for their new adventure and we are happy to "move back into our house" :) It's going to take some "getting used to", that's for sure.

 The room that Jaden and Hailey had.

 The room that Ashley, Daniel, and Mason had.
This room is now my tile-carpet-wood floor-samples-room :)

 Only two towels hanging in the bathroom- and they are mine and Ron's :)

 I moved my clothes back into one of the empty closets.

 This picture is difficult to see- but we have a black TV sitting on my black sofa table, instead of the "OLD wooden entertainment center". That piece of furniture went in the garage sale not on the truck. Taking that out of our office, makes the room seem much larger. Plus, since I have no sofa to put the sofa table behind- it works pretty well, to have the TV sitting on it. The other thing that makes this room seem bigger is having two small end tables where a black chair, piled with stuff, was sitting.

So our house is empty- in more ways than one :)

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