Monday, April 8, 2013

No Turning Back Now :)

We had a great weekend! They started putting up the forms for the foundation of the house. We had an official ground breaking ceremony, thanks to the Andersons, and including the Petes. We spent the weekend in Bridlegate, Bandera, Texas. I had lots of pics. to share, so I put together a few collages, to save space :)
(Remember, you can click on the collages, to make them bigger)

 They started, Saturday morning, building the forms for the foundation. 
(the foundation won't be as tall as some of those forms :)

 Saturday morning, at the property with the Andersons.

 A few pictures from the ranch house that we stayed in. It had four bedrooms- four bathrooms- two queen beds and three sets of bunk beds. (Two of the bunk beds had a full size bed on the bottom and twin size on the top.) There is also a tennis court there and exercise room. On Saturday, with the kids, we played Easter egg hunt, tennis, bubbles, swimming, and some other outdoor games. Ron and I went to Wal Mart on Friday evening and came out with a cart full of toys for Saturday. We also met Sam and Audrey at an HEB and came out with two carts of groceries. Saturday was a great day, just staying there in Bridlegate, so that some of the kids and grand kids could begin to experience, what will be, our new neighborhood.We had a yummy dinner on Saturday night, including steaks (that Sam cooked), mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and watermelon. Ron got to wake up each morning to Don Williams music playing and bacon cooking.
(He said, "You can't get any better than that.")

 A few other pictures of Bridlegate. 
There is a park where the river flows- but still no water behind our property :(

 The Andersons planned an official ground breaking ceremony- 
complete with gold shovels and sparkling juice.

It was a happy weekend. 
(The only chance for the Petes to see where we are moving, before they move :)
(And the Andersons need to find the shortest route between Wylie and Bandera :) 
So that they can come back often.

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