Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Few Days with Eli

 We got to spend a few days with Eli. Even though we couldn't understand very many of his words, he usually let us know what he wanted :) He loved all of the balls in the playroom. There aren't very many foods that he eats- although he did pretty well with the ice cream cone at Sonic. He is a wiz on the IPad. He loved having two new "Pooh" cups, one for milk and one for water. I managed to talk Ron into going to the mall on Saturday- he and Eli played, while I did some shopping. Twice, there was a trip to the park, to feed the ducks. I kept taking pictures on my phone, so that it was easy to post on Face Book (to keep Sam and Audrey up to date)- but then in the process of getting those pics. to my computer, I lost the best ones. Here are a few, that I managed to keep. 

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