Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How Firm a Foundation :)

Here are some pics from our weekend. We had a great weekend in Bandera. We went on Friday evening- stopped in Columbus, again, for dinner. On Saturday, Ron spent some time at the property stacking up logs, while I had a couple of appointments at the Home Depot in Boerne. On Saturday afternoon we went to Sears and a furniture store in Kerrville. On Saturday evening we had a meeting with the builder and then went to Sonic for dinner. On Sunday, we went to church in Kerrville, late morning (the ward meets from 10-1) Late Sunday afternoon, we hiked the river bed to try to figure out where the water goes under ground. I don't know the exact mileage on that, but we are guessing that we walked about 2 miles of rocky river bed and then 2 miles of roadway to get back to the car. (For the Petes and the Andersons- we walked from the property, to the park where we went with you.) Luckily, I wasn't dead by the time I got to the park, because there was a flock of vulchers, there waiting for me. haha On Monday, we had a couple of other appointments in Bandera and San Antonio, then we headed home. I am making great progress on the "home decor"- but that will be another post :)

 This is the river bed right behind our property. It got very rocky, in only a short distance. 
(more rocky, than I was expecting) 
Here is Ron taking a picture of me, while I was taking a picture of him :)

 Luckily, when I needed a break- someone had left a "sofa" there for me. hehe

 Some parts of the river had water.

 Some parts of the river had lots of green vegetation growing there.

 Some other parts of the river had nothing.

We always see lots of deer, turkey, and rabbits, but it is really hard to get any pictures of those.
Ron says, that "his heart is already here"- even though we haven't moved there yet. He loves to head west out of Houston, in his mustang, and just let the stress and tension of the big city melt away.

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