Friday, June 28, 2013

Examples of Faith

We love this family! They lived right next door to us in Aurora. Our kids played together, we went to church together, they have been great friends. This picture was taken in April 2012. During the past year, they have been a great example of faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, as Harold battled cancer. An interesting date- yesterday was Thursday, June 27. In 1844, June 27, was also a Thursday. That was the day that Joseph and Hyrum Smith died. I think Harold left this earthly life because he,
maybe, had a gathering to attend, along with some other great and faithful priesthood holders.
Sad day, but we rejoice in the knowledge that we have of the gospel of Jesus Christ
and of eternal life.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guess What? of my first posts of 2013 was called "The Year of the House"? guessed it- more house pics :) And we are only half way through- aarrgg.
We now have windows. The trim and some hardy plank siding is ready to paint. Then they will do the stucco (most of the exterior is stucco, with just a few areas of siding). Then they will do the gray, metal roof. The interior framing will be finished by tomorrow. Plumbing has all of the shower pipes and sink pipes in. Electrical has all of the boxes set and lights set- just needs all of the wiring. I will only share two interior pictures and a few exterior.

Here I am standing in the living room, looking into the kitchen. Behind the half wall is the dishwasher, and the sink. It will be super fun to watch the progress here with cabs, tile, appliances, and counter. (I will try to keep taking this pic from this spot for a few months- just to watch that transformation.)
Here is part of my walk-in storage room. I am still wondering how I talked Ron into this. And he is still wondering how it got this big! Since we have this room- he might actually get his be able to park his car, inside the garage! (The rectangle hole in the floor is a stairway that goes down into the garage.)
 We have windows, but no front door yet :) Bottom left windows are Ron's office. Top left windows are my office. Center windows are part of the game room. Top, right windows are in the bunk room. Bottom, right windows are in the dining room. (although the best use of that room is for board games and card games- who uses a dining room for dining?) That porch roof will make a perfect escape slide from those upper windows, except for that last little 8-10 foot drop off :)

This is another spot that I am trying to take a picture from, each time we go. There, again, to watch the progress on the front of the house. I am standing, front and east, and in the drive way.
We pinch ourselves, each time we go there, to check and see if we are still alive and awake? Or if we have gone to heaven or dreaming? :)  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

House- June 15, 2013

Here you go- a few more pictures. Pretty amazing to see it go from paper to reality. 
(I only gave you a few of the inside, it's still pretty hard to tell what's what's there.)

 Here...I am standing in the doorway of our bedroom- looking across the living room at my kitchen. (with the dining room beside the kitchen and the library and laundry room behind the kitchen).

 Standing in our bedroom...looking out to the back porch. 
The three large openings are two doors and one window making the back wall of the living room.

 The breeze way between the house and the garage- looking toward the back. The larger opening, on the right is a "sink area". The door on the right goes into Ron's shop.

 Three car garage with Ron's shop at the back.

 West side porch.

 Front porch...looking toward the garage end. This front corner of the house is Ron's office. The opening you can see, just past the two windows, is the front door area.

 I have been all stressed out trying to pick out roof color, trim color, stucco color etc. but this is what you see of the house from the street. I guess it can be any color I want! :) Although, I'm thinking maybe I should have picked the GREEN roof, to match the trees (instead...the roof will be gray)

While, the river right behind us is still dry- here is an area not too far away where we could take the grand kids to play. This is called English Crossing.

Cowboy Room

We went to Bandera on Friday evening and stayed in a motel there. We have stayed there before and even in the same room. It looks like someone used spray paint and painted a cowboy mural on all of the walls. It's kind of interesting :) At least this time, we remembered to take a few pics.

Happy Fathers Day

One of the best parts of Fathers Day happened this morning- Ron didn't have early morning meetings to attend, so we didn't get out of bed until 9 am. (See...good to know for my kids... there really is life after kids!) As for trying to plan some special food and/or dessert for today- we went to Bandera Friday night and yesterday- which came at the end of a busy week- which meant no food shopping or planning- so, yeah, fancy dinner with pie...that's not going to happen. hehe For brunch, I ate the rest of my hamburger from lunch yesterday and Ron ate the rest of his shrimp enchilada from dinner yesterday. Dinner today, was whatever leftovers I could find in the refrig. I did get Ron a couple of gifts for today...I am going to give him a waste basket...and we are going to have a "phone throwing away party". Ron's cell phone has been a major problem for awhile now. So he gets a new I phone and he gets a new suitcase to use for his trip to France in July. Oh, yeah, and he got a cookie at church. Pretty exciting celebration :)
Ron is still the love of my life. I appreciate all he does for me and our family. He is a great husband and father. It's amazing and a great blessing that we still "like" each other after 37 years :) This year we are living a dream come true. Neither one of us can believe it when we watch the house being built- seems like something other than reality. Plus it is amazing to see it go from "on paper" to "3D real". We love to hop in his car, and head WEST with a Don Williams CD playing. He loves being there, where the house is, and seeing the wildlife. God, willing, it's going to be a great life with my best friend and the grand kids :) Okay...maybe with the kids too.

For Jaden and Hailey

When Jaden and Hailey were here, they helped Papa plant some wild flower seeds. While the result was not overwhelming :) - here are a few pics.

Man Cave

A website that I have been using during the past 6 months is called Houzz. It is filled with house decorating ideas, of all kinds. A couple times a week I get a new email update on that. This morning, one of the articles featured "Man Caves", maybe in honor of  Fathers Day. Ron is going to get a new "Man Cave". It needs alittle work... but here is how it looks so far :) hehe

This is his work shop on the end of the garage. It will even have a 1/2 bathroom in it and a shower (on the OUTSIDE wall :) and another sink in the breezeway. No need for him to ever track or carry any dirt into the house- right ?! ha

Friday, June 14, 2013

For Sharon

We have some dear friends who are great examples of faith and they already have a sure testimony of the fact that "Sunday Will Come". And all of our family have that same sure testimony, but have not had to endure a TRIAL of that faith, as with our friends. Here are true words from an apostle of the Lord.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kissing Frogs

I read a blog recently that talked about how exciting it is to stand in a Sherwin Williams store or a Home Depot, in the paint section, and look at the vast array of paint color chips. You are standing there looking at a "rainbow" of fantastic colors and need to narrow your selection down to a handful. Then you make your choice, take it home, paint the wall and then soon wonder what happened to that wonderful color that you thought you had picked out. All of a sudden it is too dark, too yellow, too gray, too light, too "something"- and different than what you were expecting. This blog claimed you have to "kiss alot of frogs" in order to find your prince! my quest to pick out "home decor" for the past 6 months, I have kissed alot of frogs :) And I'm still not sure, that I have found my prince, but I have made progress. And I'm worn out and getting down to the wire on making choices, so I hope they are going to be good. It has been an interesting journey and sometimes, I ran across what I was really looking for, when I was looking for something else. (that makes complete sense :) But sometimes, I would be at a particular store looking for counters or tile and find the perfect carpet. Also, I really needed to find products in San Antonio, while living in Katy. So sometimes I would shop in Houston or Katy and then go online to find a place to purchase that item in San Antonio or Helotes or Boerne. On my wood floor, that journey actually took me from a store in Bandera (where I didn't think they had what I wanted), to San Antonio, to north Houston, back to San Antonio, to Katy, then online, which sent me back to the store in Bandera. Then when I went back there looking for a particular floor- they had the one that I really wanted on another display. ha 
I also wanted to spend most of my money right there in Bandera, to support my local community. While, I didn't find everything there, a majority of my items will be from Bandera or Boerne or Helotes. The people in the Home Depot in Boerne are fantastic, compared to the Home Depot on Fry road, that is a disaster :)  (I am still waiting for a gray carpet sample to show up, at the Home Depot near my house- it's only been month on that and no sample yet)
Anyway... my color pallet is two tones of gray, cream, light gold, and terra cotta. (with a small amount of blue green and also the dark brown, wood floor) I decided to go very neutral and then I can add other colors for furniture, bedding, and window treatments. My samples don't look very good in photos, but this will give you an idea of what I have chosen. I'm hoping that I still like a particular color when it's a whole room versus a 3 inch sample :)

"Canvas" color (light ivory or cream color) cabinets, white subway tile, "Blanco City"- Silestone counter top, decorative tile that is cream and blue green.

Decorative tile that is gray, cream, beige, and terra cotta. Floor tile that is "Napa Creama" (light gray).

 "Whiskey" wide plank wood floor.

Formica, counter top,"Cotta Stone". Platinum plus, loop carpet (this sample is a brown color- but I'm still waiting for my gray sample)

This is my basket of notebooks and pictures. That goes everywhere with me :)

 Here is my plastic box of samples- carpet, tile, paint, counter top, roof, that also goes everywhere with me :)

Here is my attempt to see a larger, paint swatch- one "Chop Sticks" (light gold) and one in "Repose Gray".

Here is a small sampling of items that got "kissed" and then thrown away.

Now on to the exterior!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Even When You are Grown...

with a family of your own.
Happy Birthday.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Moving Right Along

They have started the roof and the builder ordered the windows this week.
The roof will eventually be "Zinc Grey" metal- and it's huge :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Second Floor

We have the second floor started. It's really beginning to look like a house now.

 This is the view from the upper, back porch.