Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guess What?

Remember...one of my first posts of 2013 was called "The Year of the House"? Well...you guessed it- more house pics :) And we are only half way through- aarrgg.
We now have windows. The trim and some hardy plank siding is ready to paint. Then they will do the stucco (most of the exterior is stucco, with just a few areas of siding). Then they will do the gray, metal roof. The interior framing will be finished by tomorrow. Plumbing has all of the shower pipes and sink pipes in. Electrical has all of the boxes set and lights set- just needs all of the wiring. I will only share two interior pictures and a few exterior.

Here I am standing in the living room, looking into the kitchen. Behind the half wall is the dishwasher, and the sink. It will be super fun to watch the progress here with cabs, tile, appliances, and counter. (I will try to keep taking this pic from this spot for a few months- just to watch that transformation.)
Here is part of my walk-in storage room. I am still wondering how I talked Ron into this. And he is still wondering how it got this big! Since we have this room- he might actually get his dream...to be able to park his car, inside the garage! (The rectangle hole in the floor is a stairway that goes down into the garage.)
 We have windows, but no front door yet :) Bottom left windows are Ron's office. Top left windows are my office. Center windows are part of the game room. Top, right windows are in the bunk room. Bottom, right windows are in the dining room. (although the best use of that room is for board games and card games- who uses a dining room for dining?) That porch roof will make a perfect escape slide from those upper windows, except for that last little 8-10 foot drop off :)

This is another spot that I am trying to take a picture from, each time we go. There, again, to watch the progress on the front of the house. I am standing, front and east, and in the drive way.
We pinch ourselves, each time we go there, to check and see if we are still alive and awake? Or if we have gone to heaven or dreaming? :)  

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