Sunday, June 16, 2013

House- June 15, 2013

Here you go- a few more pictures. Pretty amazing to see it go from paper to reality. 
(I only gave you a few of the inside, it's still pretty hard to tell what's what's there.)

 Here...I am standing in the doorway of our bedroom- looking across the living room at my kitchen. (with the dining room beside the kitchen and the library and laundry room behind the kitchen).

 Standing in our bedroom...looking out to the back porch. 
The three large openings are two doors and one window making the back wall of the living room.

 The breeze way between the house and the garage- looking toward the back. The larger opening, on the right is a "sink area". The door on the right goes into Ron's shop.

 Three car garage with Ron's shop at the back.

 West side porch.

 Front porch...looking toward the garage end. This front corner of the house is Ron's office. The opening you can see, just past the two windows, is the front door area.

 I have been all stressed out trying to pick out roof color, trim color, stucco color etc. but this is what you see of the house from the street. I guess it can be any color I want! :) Although, I'm thinking maybe I should have picked the GREEN roof, to match the trees (instead...the roof will be gray)

While, the river right behind us is still dry- here is an area not too far away where we could take the grand kids to play. This is called English Crossing.

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