Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kissing Frogs

I read a blog recently that talked about how exciting it is to stand in a Sherwin Williams store or a Home Depot, in the paint section, and look at the vast array of paint color chips. You are standing there looking at a "rainbow" of fantastic colors and need to narrow your selection down to a handful. Then you make your choice, take it home, paint the wall and then soon wonder what happened to that wonderful color that you thought you had picked out. All of a sudden it is too dark, too yellow, too gray, too light, too "something"- and different than what you were expecting. This blog claimed you have to "kiss alot of frogs" in order to find your prince! my quest to pick out "home decor" for the past 6 months, I have kissed alot of frogs :) And I'm still not sure, that I have found my prince, but I have made progress. And I'm worn out and getting down to the wire on making choices, so I hope they are going to be good. It has been an interesting journey and sometimes, I ran across what I was really looking for, when I was looking for something else. (that makes complete sense :) But sometimes, I would be at a particular store looking for counters or tile and find the perfect carpet. Also, I really needed to find products in San Antonio, while living in Katy. So sometimes I would shop in Houston or Katy and then go online to find a place to purchase that item in San Antonio or Helotes or Boerne. On my wood floor, that journey actually took me from a store in Bandera (where I didn't think they had what I wanted), to San Antonio, to north Houston, back to San Antonio, to Katy, then online, which sent me back to the store in Bandera. Then when I went back there looking for a particular floor- they had the one that I really wanted on another display. ha 
I also wanted to spend most of my money right there in Bandera, to support my local community. While, I didn't find everything there, a majority of my items will be from Bandera or Boerne or Helotes. The people in the Home Depot in Boerne are fantastic, compared to the Home Depot on Fry road, that is a disaster :)  (I am still waiting for a gray carpet sample to show up, at the Home Depot near my house- it's only been month on that and no sample yet)
Anyway... my color pallet is two tones of gray, cream, light gold, and terra cotta. (with a small amount of blue green and also the dark brown, wood floor) I decided to go very neutral and then I can add other colors for furniture, bedding, and window treatments. My samples don't look very good in photos, but this will give you an idea of what I have chosen. I'm hoping that I still like a particular color when it's a whole room versus a 3 inch sample :)

"Canvas" color (light ivory or cream color) cabinets, white subway tile, "Blanco City"- Silestone counter top, decorative tile that is cream and blue green.

Decorative tile that is gray, cream, beige, and terra cotta. Floor tile that is "Napa Creama" (light gray).

 "Whiskey" wide plank wood floor.

Formica, counter top,"Cotta Stone". Platinum plus, loop carpet (this sample is a brown color- but I'm still waiting for my gray sample)

This is my basket of notebooks and pictures. That goes everywhere with me :)

 Here is my plastic box of samples- carpet, tile, paint, counter top, roof, that also goes everywhere with me :)

Here is my attempt to see a larger, paint swatch- one "Chop Sticks" (light gold) and one in "Repose Gray".

Here is a small sampling of items that got "kissed" and then thrown away.

Now on to the exterior!

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