Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sad/Happy or Happy/Sad

As it is Sunday morning, and I am "home alone" (Mom got all dressed up in a cute black, white, and pink outfit and went to church. Ron is still in France, on a business trip). I am reflecting on the past week. It was unusual, indeed. For one thing, I realized that the 4th of July came and went and I never even got out one decoration. In fact, all of my July decorations are boxed up and sitting in the garage. I guess, I had a few other things on my mind this week. This week was a strange mixture of sad/happy and happy/sad. To begin with, when Ron travels, I always have more empathy for those of you with "traveling husbands". Since he doesn't do it all that often, it's a rather strange experience for both of us. On this trip, he has no cell phone option, so we just send email to ourselves :) That just means, I check the email every 5 minutes...okay maybe not quite that much, but almost. I am sad to have him away from home, but happy, I can do whatever I want, I can eat whatever I want, and all of  "my stuff" is cluttering up the bathroom :)
Then I made a quick trip to Denver on Monday morning- and returning on Wednesday afternoon. That was a happy time to see my brothers and the Jones family, but a sad time for Harold's funeral, on Tuesday. In the picture of Sharon and me, we are both smiling, but we spent most of our time  together crying. It was truly amazing to see, and hug, my best friend from Denver. On Friday, I had lunch with my best friend from Bartlesville. Again, it was an amazing, and happy time, to see Karen, but sad that she was here to take care of her brother who had surgery last week. Two of my best friends, in the world, in one week- I told you it was unusual. Also, this week, we started new hours at my store. It will only be open three days a week now- Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Even though Thursday was a holiday, Nicki and I were there and the store was open. (I hated to be closed on the very first day of our new schedule. Nicki and I both had work to do and we did have a few customers "wander through".) Besides...we are trying to work through all of the "kinks" in only being open 3 days a week. I'm grateful for my third, best friend in the world. While we haven't had our happy/sad time yet- I know that it's coming, whenever Nicki gets a new job. So really... it was three great ladies, in my life, all in one week.
(Sad- I didn't get a picture of Karen and me together- I had to go swipe one from FB. Also had to go grab one from FB of Nicki :)

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