Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Inside Stuff

We have an exercise room full of cabinets and a garage full of doors :)

New Grandson

Noah Oliver Anderson.
August 27, 2013- born at 7:39 pm. 6 lbs. 11 oz and 20.5 inches.
(Sam says, "Life is Good" :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Love This Place!

I love the roof, trim, hardy plank, and stucco colors!
(Even though the roof is not quite finished and the quality of my pictures is not very good :)

Swimming Hole

It appears to me that when you have to use a heavy machine to chip out solid rock for a hole for a swimming pool- once you had the hole dug, you could just fill it up with water...right?! Why do we have to pay for steel reinforcement and gunnite, inside a solid rock hole?!

The digging is alot harder than the pool company expected and they are having to haul away, rock by the truck load. Plus the machine doing the digging is like a giant jack hammer and it is VERY NOISY.
After seeing the difficulty of digging this hole and seeing the difficulty of the trenching for the geo thermal system (also in rock)...our builder reassured us that we have "built our house upon a rock"!

Siblings in Berthoud

I should have done this post last week. Ron and I flew to Denver on Friday, August 16. On Saturday morning we went to John and Angela's house. EvaMay had arrived on Wednesday and Mike and Enola had arrived on Thursday. It was a great weekend for Ron and his siblings to spend time together, just sitting around and telling stories about "remember when..." and also getting reacquainted with each other. Since they all live a long distance away from each other, their time together is very sparse, to say the least. Mike and Enola were in Berthoud to attend Enola's 50th high school class reunion. Since I wanted Ron to spend as much time as possible with his siblings, I didn't suggest that we do anything with my family- but we did have dinner on Saturday evening with Doug, Quin, and Braden. (Gary had to work) And I did sneak out for lunch on Monday with Sharon and her daughter, Becca. And no one missed us for 3 hours on Sunday morning while we attended church in Berthoud. They did think we were both very over dressed, as we showed up for lunch :) Our kids would have totally laughed at us on Monday evening. I guess by then everyone was "talked out", hot and tired, and we were sitting in a dark living room- just sitting, kind of napping, not saying much of anything to each other. Finally by about 9 pm we decided to go out and sit on the back porch- which was a couple of degrees cooler than inside the house. There was a beautiful full moon. By 10 pm we were sitting at the picnic table playing pinochle, by porch light and moonlight and it was finally kind of 'cool' outside.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


What does Papa do on Saturdays? He went back to work part time on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I work on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. So how does Ron spend his Saturday time. Every Saturday morning, he goes to play basketball. (Not sure, how he will manage that after we move :) Then on Saturday afternoon, he can do whatever he wants. Things like yard work, car maintenance, genealogy, watch sports on TV, go visit families in our ward, clean out his email box, etc. Here is what he did yesterday afternoon. (Ashley...go get Jaden and Hailey so that they can see "The Fruits, The Vegetables, of their labor". They helped Ron plant beets when they were here.)

Pickled beets.

This was actually "round two"- he did 9 jars yesterday and we already had 11 jars from "round one" of pickled beets. And there is "round three" yet to come.

While I had my camera in the kitchen-
GG got a new "square" brownie pan. She tried it out on blueberry muffins, so we have some yummy square muffins. Now we need to figure out how to make them gluten and sugar free!

I have the essence of Mason's sweet personality on my refrig.
The pictures didn't print very well, but you can still get the sense of his happiness!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Use Your Imagination

Our kitchen (down stairs) and our game room (upstairs).
We have sheet rock.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Other IKEA Purchase

If you need a DARK bedroom, these are some of the best curtains to block out light! Werna from IKEA. They only come in two colors- dark blue and dark lilac, but both of those are stunning and you will love the fabric. (No lining, just a very dense, soft fabric). And they come in two, long lengths- if you have a tall space or if you like the "puddled up drape" look. I bought the dark lilac. I actually bought twice as many as I needed :(  (I thought there was just one panel in each package- but each package actually had two panels. So I will be returning two packages.) In case you are wondering how the DARK LILAC goes with my DARK RED bed spreads- it doesn't! The bunk room is red and gray, 1 guest bedroom is purple and gray, and 1 guest bedroom is gold and gray. I guess my new favorite color is gray. hehe

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bedspread Project know that I have been picking out paint, carpeting, cabinets, fixtures, etc for the house. Most of those decisions are made. Now I am wondering if I will really like the colors and if I will actually be able to "decorate" with what I have chosen. I have started to shop for things like bedspreads, pillows, rugs, drapes etc. I decided that I wouldn't actually buy anything unless it was "perfect" and I really loved it. Some items, I thought I liked, until I got them home and spread them out or hung them up and then decided, "nope"...I'm returning this. In many ways, this is good experience for me in choosing items and colors and finding out what I really like. In other ways it is not good for Ron's credit card- it kind of messes up his system to buy things and then return them. I am going to try to go to a "cash" basis on these items, just to simplify the credit card statement :) Anyway... a few days ago, I found some bedspreads for the bunk room, that are "perfect" and I really love them. The carpet in the bunk room will be dark gray, some thing like this- (this is a picture of a bedspread- but it is very close to the carpet color)-

IKEA had a bedspread that was on sale- I love saving money :) And I need 10 bedspreads for the bunk room. (Yep no typo- there will be 4 full size beds and 6 twin size beds in there). I convinced myself that I needed to go to IKEA on Monday. Mom wanted to go to, so we had a fun little shopping trip and lunch at IKEA. Here is my perfect bedspread to go with the dark gray carpet-

There was only one, small problem- since theses bedspreads were on sale- they were all sold out and not being restocked. Let's see...what to do now. Online, it looked like the IKEA in Dallas still had some in stock- call up Audrey and see if she wants to take Eli and go on a little field trip. I figured if I sent her on a little shopping spree and she went into labor, I would be in big trouble- but then again, she is very tired of being pregnant, maybe early labor would be a good thing. (jk) Anyway... Sam, Audrey, and Eli went to IKEA last night for dinner and bedspread shopping. As it turned out they only had "4" in stock, so she bought what they had. Let's see, nothing in stock in Austin- let's check Denver. Jackpot...Quin went to the IKEA in Centennial, and bought the other "6" that I needed. Now, I am super excited- I can't wait to see my dark gray and red bunk room. These quilts are reversible and the perfect weight and size for the beds. And they ALL match- I know, that's a "virgo" thing :) Ron's usual response to purchases like this is that we can't AFFORD to SAVE that much money. hehe And he keeps teasing me about my IKEA "networking"! Alison- be glad that Denver had them in stock- you were next on my networking list, to go shopping at the nearest IKEA :)

All I know is that some furniture store or mattress store is going to love me- when I tell then that I need 4 full size mattresses and 6 twin size mattresses. They better offer me free delivery!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Metal Roof

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a house with a metal roof. Not sure exactly why, but I really like the look of a metal roof. I'm not sure whether my Dad would have put a metal roof on a house. He probably would have thought that it was too expensive. But he would appreciate the fact that they last forever. I don't remember Ron and I having much discussion about what kind of roof we would have. I don't know if I specifically told him that I wanted metal or not. I don't remember him having a strong opinion on that- maybe he just said, "get whatever you want". Anyway... it took us several months to decide on what color to get. We actually wanted it to be blue- hoping that the solar panels would "blend in better" on that color. But blue was one of the colors that the home owners association said that we couldn't do. They wanted an "earth tone". I contacted a place in San Antonio, where I could get samples of the metal colors. We picked up a few and then had them give us addresses of houses that had those colors for the roof. (So that we could see what an entire roof looked like versus a small sample.) Then we drove around San Antonio, hunting down those houses :) We did that twice- the second time were looking at a dark brown color, a medium brown color, a dark gray, and a lighter gray. Many of the traditional Hill Country homes have a shiny, silver, metal roof and limestone walls. Neither one of us liked the shiny silver roof. We ended up with a gray- not the dark gray, because it was kind of "greenish/blackish" gray. Not the light shiny "silver aluminum" gray....but the Perfect Gray. Even though I haven't seen it in person yet- our builder sent these pictures-
I love it!

When we were working at the temple last week, one of the ladies there was asking if we go every week to check on the house. I told her no, that we go every two to three weeks. She was expressing concern that many things can go wrong in that time frame. (I guess they built a house and had lots of problems with subcontractors.) I was teasing our builder this week, because I knew that the metal roof materials had been delivered and we weren't there to see if he had ordered the color that we wanted. I asked him to send pictures, so that I could see if he had the right color. (Knowing that whatever was delivered, would be the roof color- whether it was correct or not :) He sent me back a message saying that if it wasn't the correct color, they would paint it. (he also added "jk") But...he got the right color!
Now I have two things that will last forever...a metal roof...and an eternal marriage. hehe

Monday, August 5, 2013

Texas Snow and Stucco

I am calling these first few pictures, Texas Snow. It is actually spray-in-foam-insulation. It sure looks like snow to me :) This stuff is supposed to reduce our energy bill to 3 cents a square foot. Since our exterior walls are built with 2x6"s- we have 6" of that stuff on those walls.(Then add "solar" to that- Ron is hoping that the electric company will be paying us for electricity :)

It was interesting to speak with the gentleman that was installing this. And also interesting to watch. But what a suffocating, hot job- he had most of the windows covered with plastic- so no air flow. He has to wear an environmental hazard protective suit with a mask. The insulation is a very hot, spray liquid that turns solid quickly. He also claimed that after all of the "construction dust settles", I will rarely ever have to dust- the house will be sealed so tight. Ron claims "tight like a dish"- hehe.

 The stucco was almost all done on the exterior. It is painted "Accessible Beige" with "Snowbound" (white) trim. Later, there will be "Peppercorn" (dark gray) shutters. The whole house pictures, in the full sunlight look deceptive on my camera. All of the stucco is the beige color- the hardy plank is actually "Tony Taupe" (a darker beige color) not gray. The metal roof will be gray. (Not shiny silver gray, but kind of a medium gray) The roof of the porch is also white. The picture of the back of the house- shows the men actually applying the stucco.

 And last, but not least- don't tell the kids- but here is the beginnings of the SLIDE down the stairs :)
Paul (our builder) already let one of his boys try it out. (Even though it's only particle board right now)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What STYLE is Our New House?

That is a very good question. You can find a different house style for each letter of the alphabet- everything from Art Deco, to Mediterranean, to Victorian, and everything in between. You can find endless lists of house styles, the top 24 house styles, and the top 10 house styles. Even each main house style has subcategories of that style. For instance "Traditional" can be- New Traditional, Classic Traditional, Minimal Traditional, Texas Traditional, etc. "Country" can be- English Country, French Country, Sophisticated Country, Eclectic Country, Modern Country, Classic Country, and Rustic Country. ha "Contemporary" can be- Modern Contemporary, 20th Century Contemporary, Traditional Contemporary, Art Deco Contemporary. haha  Traditional... is well...let's to describe it... TOO Traditional- too ornate...for me. Too old fashioned. hehe Country has certain aspects, that I love, many of my "cute decorative items" are country. My kitchen is all decorated with chickens. But generally, Country is way to cluttered...for me. And some times way too patterned, plaid, and ruffled for me. Contemporary is sometimes...too modern, for me. Too many bright colors, too many weird furniture styles, too many smooth surfaces. So where does our house fit? I recently saw an article describing "Minimalist Traditional", and that came close. I definitely fit the minimalist idea- the look of "less is more", clearing away all clutter, neutral colors with touches of black and brown, "a place for everything and everything in it's place", no fussy, flouncy draperies, texture rather than pattern. Here is a brief explanation of how this style originated-

Minimalist traditional style began in the 1930s as an affordable response to the depression. It took form, massing and details from earlier styles such as Tudor and colonial revival and simplified them. The concept translated well in the following decades. The demand for housing grew rapidly after World War II, and getting homes built quickly became an economic necessity. Building a house with just enough detail to give it identity satisfied many buyers and reflected their need for a practical and affordable solution.
Another important consideration in the success of the style is its proportions. While classical styles are dictated strictly by precedent, minimalist traditional is by nature a more relaxed form. Window sizing and door placement are established according to the layout of rooms and the necessity of ventilation and entry and egress. These houses are often called cottages, bungalows, farmhouses and other regional terms, but at heart they have a simplified traditional root loosely based in classic architecture.

I especially like the idea of being called a "farmhouse", with some Texas Hill Country influence, like the wrap around porch and metal roof. The most common Hill Country houses are ranch style with the big porch, metal roof, and limestone walls. We didn't opt for the stone walls, but stucco instead. When my Dad was originally drawing up our house plans, he was thinking of stucco, but more of a Santa Fe style with arched entryways  and hallways. We kept the stucco, but not the arches. 

So...I guess our house  is a "minimalist, somewhat traditional, Santa Fe stucco, hill country influence, with a dash of cowboy country and Martha Stewart... style". It's not as "rustic" as Ron would like- although, I am ordering a wide plank, dark brown wood floor, for him. And some of my tile turned out to be more rustic-stone-looking than I originally planned. The colors are definitely neutral, with a touch of black and brown. Although, I might manage a few bold colors in accessories. No frilly curtains. No modern bold colors or art deco- except- one "artsy fartsy" aspect of our bunk room, will be a ceiling that looks like a starry night sky. My cabinets are "canvas" color (somewhere in between white and ivory)- single panel, with Martha Stewart knobs. hehe All appliances and sinks/tubs/toilets are white. All faucets and light fixtures are brushed nickel.
Tile is shades of cream, gray, beige, and terra cotta. Carpet is either cream or gray.

So there you have it- a strange concoction of styles- but that is why it is considered a "custom built" home...right?!
(More pics coming this week. We will be going there on Monday, August 5, to see how things are progressing.)