Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bedspread Project

So...you know that I have been picking out paint, carpeting, cabinets, fixtures, etc for the house. Most of those decisions are made. Now I am wondering if I will really like the colors and if I will actually be able to "decorate" with what I have chosen. I have started to shop for things like bedspreads, pillows, rugs, drapes etc. I decided that I wouldn't actually buy anything unless it was "perfect" and I really loved it. Some items, I thought I liked, until I got them home and spread them out or hung them up and then decided, "nope"...I'm returning this. In many ways, this is good experience for me in choosing items and colors and finding out what I really like. In other ways it is not good for Ron's credit card- it kind of messes up his system to buy things and then return them. I am going to try to go to a "cash" basis on these items, just to simplify the credit card statement :) Anyway... a few days ago, I found some bedspreads for the bunk room, that are "perfect" and I really love them. The carpet in the bunk room will be dark gray, some thing like this- (this is a picture of a bedspread- but it is very close to the carpet color)-

IKEA had a bedspread that was on sale- I love saving money :) And I need 10 bedspreads for the bunk room. (Yep no typo- there will be 4 full size beds and 6 twin size beds in there). I convinced myself that I needed to go to IKEA on Monday. Mom wanted to go to, so we had a fun little shopping trip and lunch at IKEA. Here is my perfect bedspread to go with the dark gray carpet-

There was only one, small problem- since theses bedspreads were on sale- they were all sold out and not being restocked. Let's see...what to do now. Online, it looked like the IKEA in Dallas still had some in stock- call up Audrey and see if she wants to take Eli and go on a little field trip. I figured if I sent her on a little shopping spree and she went into labor, I would be in big trouble- but then again, she is very tired of being pregnant, maybe early labor would be a good thing. (jk) Anyway... Sam, Audrey, and Eli went to IKEA last night for dinner and bedspread shopping. As it turned out they only had "4" in stock, so she bought what they had. Let's see, nothing in stock in Austin- let's check Denver. Jackpot...Quin went to the IKEA in Centennial, and bought the other "6" that I needed. Now, I am super excited- I can't wait to see my dark gray and red bunk room. These quilts are reversible and the perfect weight and size for the beds. And they ALL match- I know, that's a "virgo" thing :) Ron's usual response to purchases like this is that we can't AFFORD to SAVE that much money. hehe And he keeps teasing me about my IKEA "networking"! Alison- be glad that Denver had them in stock- you were next on my networking list, to go shopping at the nearest IKEA :)

All I know is that some furniture store or mattress store is going to love me- when I tell then that I need 4 full size mattresses and 6 twin size mattresses. They better offer me free delivery!

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