Sunday, August 11, 2013

Metal Roof

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a house with a metal roof. Not sure exactly why, but I really like the look of a metal roof. I'm not sure whether my Dad would have put a metal roof on a house. He probably would have thought that it was too expensive. But he would appreciate the fact that they last forever. I don't remember Ron and I having much discussion about what kind of roof we would have. I don't know if I specifically told him that I wanted metal or not. I don't remember him having a strong opinion on that- maybe he just said, "get whatever you want". Anyway... it took us several months to decide on what color to get. We actually wanted it to be blue- hoping that the solar panels would "blend in better" on that color. But blue was one of the colors that the home owners association said that we couldn't do. They wanted an "earth tone". I contacted a place in San Antonio, where I could get samples of the metal colors. We picked up a few and then had them give us addresses of houses that had those colors for the roof. (So that we could see what an entire roof looked like versus a small sample.) Then we drove around San Antonio, hunting down those houses :) We did that twice- the second time were looking at a dark brown color, a medium brown color, a dark gray, and a lighter gray. Many of the traditional Hill Country homes have a shiny, silver, metal roof and limestone walls. Neither one of us liked the shiny silver roof. We ended up with a gray- not the dark gray, because it was kind of "greenish/blackish" gray. Not the light shiny "silver aluminum" gray....but the Perfect Gray. Even though I haven't seen it in person yet- our builder sent these pictures-
I love it!

When we were working at the temple last week, one of the ladies there was asking if we go every week to check on the house. I told her no, that we go every two to three weeks. She was expressing concern that many things can go wrong in that time frame. (I guess they built a house and had lots of problems with subcontractors.) I was teasing our builder this week, because I knew that the metal roof materials had been delivered and we weren't there to see if he had ordered the color that we wanted. I asked him to send pictures, so that I could see if he had the right color. (Knowing that whatever was delivered, would be the roof color- whether it was correct or not :) He sent me back a message saying that if it wasn't the correct color, they would paint it. (he also added "jk") But...he got the right color!
Now I have two things that will last forever...a metal roof...and an eternal marriage. hehe

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