Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Other IKEA Purchase

If you need a DARK bedroom, these are some of the best curtains to block out light! Werna from IKEA. They only come in two colors- dark blue and dark lilac, but both of those are stunning and you will love the fabric. (No lining, just a very dense, soft fabric). And they come in two, long lengths- if you have a tall space or if you like the "puddled up drape" look. I bought the dark lilac. I actually bought twice as many as I needed :(  (I thought there was just one panel in each package- but each package actually had two panels. So I will be returning two packages.) In case you are wondering how the DARK LILAC goes with my DARK RED bed spreads- it doesn't! The bunk room is red and gray, 1 guest bedroom is purple and gray, and 1 guest bedroom is gold and gray. I guess my new favorite color is gray. hehe

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