Monday, August 26, 2013

Siblings in Berthoud

I should have done this post last week. Ron and I flew to Denver on Friday, August 16. On Saturday morning we went to John and Angela's house. EvaMay had arrived on Wednesday and Mike and Enola had arrived on Thursday. It was a great weekend for Ron and his siblings to spend time together, just sitting around and telling stories about "remember when..." and also getting reacquainted with each other. Since they all live a long distance away from each other, their time together is very sparse, to say the least. Mike and Enola were in Berthoud to attend Enola's 50th high school class reunion. Since I wanted Ron to spend as much time as possible with his siblings, I didn't suggest that we do anything with my family- but we did have dinner on Saturday evening with Doug, Quin, and Braden. (Gary had to work) And I did sneak out for lunch on Monday with Sharon and her daughter, Becca. And no one missed us for 3 hours on Sunday morning while we attended church in Berthoud. They did think we were both very over dressed, as we showed up for lunch :) Our kids would have totally laughed at us on Monday evening. I guess by then everyone was "talked out", hot and tired, and we were sitting in a dark living room- just sitting, kind of napping, not saying much of anything to each other. Finally by about 9 pm we decided to go out and sit on the back porch- which was a couple of degrees cooler than inside the house. There was a beautiful full moon. By 10 pm we were sitting at the picnic table playing pinochle, by porch light and moonlight and it was finally kind of 'cool' outside.

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