Monday, August 5, 2013

Texas Snow and Stucco

I am calling these first few pictures, Texas Snow. It is actually spray-in-foam-insulation. It sure looks like snow to me :) This stuff is supposed to reduce our energy bill to 3 cents a square foot. Since our exterior walls are built with 2x6"s- we have 6" of that stuff on those walls.(Then add "solar" to that- Ron is hoping that the electric company will be paying us for electricity :)

It was interesting to speak with the gentleman that was installing this. And also interesting to watch. But what a suffocating, hot job- he had most of the windows covered with plastic- so no air flow. He has to wear an environmental hazard protective suit with a mask. The insulation is a very hot, spray liquid that turns solid quickly. He also claimed that after all of the "construction dust settles", I will rarely ever have to dust- the house will be sealed so tight. Ron claims "tight like a dish"- hehe.

 The stucco was almost all done on the exterior. It is painted "Accessible Beige" with "Snowbound" (white) trim. Later, there will be "Peppercorn" (dark gray) shutters. The whole house pictures, in the full sunlight look deceptive on my camera. All of the stucco is the beige color- the hardy plank is actually "Tony Taupe" (a darker beige color) not gray. The metal roof will be gray. (Not shiny silver gray, but kind of a medium gray) The roof of the porch is also white. The picture of the back of the house- shows the men actually applying the stucco.

 And last, but not least- don't tell the kids- but here is the beginnings of the SLIDE down the stairs :)
Paul (our builder) already let one of his boys try it out. (Even though it's only particle board right now)

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