Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cabinet Painting Day

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was cabinet painting day. I would say that we have a few doors and drawers!
Everything looks amazing.

Here is my pantry- I guess you would call it "walk by" instead of "walk in". It is a 12 inch deep cabinet that fills up one whole wall of a hallway, near the kitchen. 
Nothing will ever get lost way-in-the-back-of-a-deep-shelf :)
(The doors are probably laying outside, waiting to dry)

Here is part of my laundry room.

Here is the "slide" down the stairs.

Here is what Ron did while I wandered around with the builder for a couple of hours 
talking about tile and counter tops :)

Finally, the roof is almost done.

I told Ron, as we were driving back to Katy yesterday...
I hope we are ready for what is "required"! 
Where much is given- much is required. And we have been given very much!

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