Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Sept. 2013

I thought we were staying in Katy this weekend. I was going to start cleaning out the storage unit. Move some things to the garage and pack some things up. Instead, Ron wanted to go to Bandera. Now that he doesn't have any specific responsibilities at church, I think I may have trouble keeping him in Katy :)
I went to work at my store from 10-5 on Saturday, then came home and threw some clothes in a suitcase. And put some food in a bag and some drinks in the cooler- then we headed west. We stayed in a Motel 6 near Helotes. We went to church in Kerrville on Sunday morning. We went to the house on Sunday afternoon and this morning. Coming home this afternoon, we stopped at Bucee's. It was packed with people! I would guess, that they might have 30 toilets in the ladies bathroom, and I still had to wait in line. Then just east of Bucee's, I10 became a parking lot with bumper to bumper traffic. I bailed out at Sealy, which took us on a scenic route adding lots of extra time to our drive :(

Here is Ron in his swimming pool :)

Here, I am in my kitchen :)

We were surprised that half of the trim was in and almost all of the cabinets were in. All of the inside doors- except the special order ones- are hung. All of the cabinets and trim will be painted an ivory color. The small doors without wood, will have glass in them. The cabinet that I am standing next to, will have the microwave and oven in it.
Behind the half wall is the sink and the dishwasher.

They haven't finished the roof yet. The builder is having a few problems with the roofer and getting the gray metal materials.
Here is a picture of the front of the house, from a new angle :) 
(Usually I am taking pictures from the other side/front.)

Only the Andersons and the Petes will appreciate this picture- they saw this part of the river- in the park- when they were there in April. I think it is a bit DRY in Texas! What was a pretty nice fishing hole and small creek, is almost completely dry. (You can see the small building on the cliff, near the river.) Needless to say, the river behind our house has been completely dry all year.

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