Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Weekend in Bandera

Last weekend, the Andersons met us in Bandera to see the house, eat out, go to a pumpkin patch, eat out, go to church, and did I mention...eat out? :) When Eli is the only child, that is big enough to run around, he gets all of the attention- hehe. It was perfect weather and a fun "hill country" weekend. On the house almost all of the tile is done. (sometimes the pictures don't reflect the true colors) The counter tops are all in. The bunk room is a work in progress. The wood floors are scheduled for Nov.4. Carpet, soon after that. I am hoping to be cooking a turkey in my new oven.

We went to the "Love Apple Orchard" pumpkin patch in Medina. It was a fun place for Eli. (I have more pictures, but this will give you  a sampling.)

Master bathroom- minus glass shower walls/door and mirrors.

Eli and Papa on one of the unfinished bunk beds. There will a a railing on the top beds and stairs, between the beds on each side. 

Kitchen pics. (Only appliance installed so far is the cook top) The refrig, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and kitchen sink are there at the house, just not installed yet)

Random- Laundry room counter, dining room window seat, upstairs shower (minus glass walls and door), upstairs tub/shower.

(Remember, you can click on any picture and it will enlarge)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beige, Gray, and White

So here are a few of the latest pics of the house- for those of you who don't look at Face Book :) (I did put a few pictures out there on FB- but I try to not over do that) Mom went with us last weekend. So it is finally a little more "real" for her. She could actually see her bathroom and bedroom and sit out on the porch. Lots of beige, gray, and white :) There is a dark brown wood floor coming and some dark gray carpet. This place is amazing. (I am still waiting for someone to "wake me up" from this dream)

There was a small problem with the solar panels- they had installed the frame work on the porch roof- where they were not supposed to be. They will be moving those this week. Also coming...are dark gray shutters and a white railing around the wrap around porch, in the front. My beige color, garage doors were a special order color, but it was worth it.

Last week, they did the back steps and ramp. They still need to build the stairway from the top balcony to the bottom.

This gray/beige tile floor on the top balcony is beautiful.

Three of the bathroom counter tops were in- mom's bathroom and the two upstairs bathrooms.

One of the perks of 6 inch exterior walls is great windows sills. Outside this window you can see the solar panel brackets, that aren't staying there, on the porch roof :(

Kitchen appliances will be installed this week. My oven, microwave, cook top, refrigerator, and dishwasher were all there- still in a box :) Kitchen counter tops scheduled for October 14.

Here is the elevator :) Should be put together and installed soon.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Noah Blessing

Last weekend we drove to Wylie on Saturday. Mom and I went to the Women's Broadcast with Audrey and Sam's mom, on Saturday evening. The guys all went out for dinner at Chili's. We thought mom was going to stay at Sam and Audreys, but she went to the motel with us. On Sunday morning we went to church and then had lunch at the house. Sam's mom fixed a great meal for everyone. Sam did a great job giving Noah a blessing. It was a good day- we headed home about 4, which meant that we arrived home about 9. So...very quick trip for us.