Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Crazy Woman

Okay...I have to admit...I'm a crazy woman :)

I guess I can't just stop is the explanation. Ron and I are too old to tackle this "moving thing" on our own. In fact, after we got a friend and his pickup truck to help us move a double filing cabinet and my sewing table from my store to our house, Ron said, "I don't care how much it costs, we are using a moving service". I"m pretty sure that Ron was planning on the moving service not only loading and hauling but also packing. But I just can't leave this thing alone! At first my motivation was saving money, by packing most items myself. (that might save a small amount- but my 'guaranteed price' from the movers, is in reality, not very adjustable for packing) Now, my motivation, is not moving anything that is not sorted, cleaned, and labeled. Most movers will come in and pack up each room, assuming that it will be placed in the same room, from which it came, in the new house. They have no idea what transpired here at our house during the past year and the fact that things 'got stashed' in odd places. Then boxes came from Ron's office, from my store, and from the storage unit. Plus our unload date is December 7. That only gives me 13 days until company comes and only 17 days until Christmas. I've got to have the essentials land in the correct room and everything else gets unpacked, some time later. I don't have time to hunt through 300 boxes of stuff to find what I need for company and for Christmas. So...I have been trying to eat this giant elephant of 'sorting, cleaning, and packing' , one bit at a time. Hopefully in the next 10 days, I will be finished :)
And if you think I'm a crazy mom is in her room, printing out labels on her computer for her boxes! hehe

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