Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Move Schedule

Our moving schedule got moved back a few days. Ron and I were at the house yesterday- the main purpose of our trip, was to leave his car there, so that when we actually move, we will only be driving 2 cars instead of 3. The first thing we saw when we arrived was that the pool was finished and full of water....but the pump and filter were not working, so we had a pool full of "nasty" water instead of clean water. A couple of guys from the pool company came and worked on that. Then when the builder walked through the house with us- the painting that was supposed to be finished last week, was not done. He had been scrambling around yesterday morning trying to figure out what happened to the painters.Seems like they are not coming back- move on to plan B. New painters- but they seemed to think it would take them a week to finish. So...we are not loading and going now until next week. (Packing and loading on Monday and Tuesday- unloading on Wednesday.) Yesterday...I left Ron there at the house to meet with several subcontractors, while I went furniture shopping. (Much better task for me that what his task was :) Never the less, both things needed to be done. Now I actually have a few more days to finish up all of my loose ends. Okay...maybe not ALL of them, but a few more of them, than what was going to happen this week. I didn't take any pictures at the house yesterday. I wish I had taken 2- one of Ron's car, parked in the garage. (first time ever for Ron to be able to park his car INside the garage.) And the second one of a "toy closet" that we will have under the stairway. It will be perfect. I thought that space might just be an unfinished storm shelter. Instead it is all finished, trimmed, carpet floor, ceiling light etc. The perfect place to stash some of my grand kid toys, that I didn't know where to put :)