Saturday, January 18, 2014

Catchup :)

"Catchup" as last post was on Dec. 3...not "ketchup" :) Lots has happened since Dec. 3!
Our actual pack/load/unload dates were Dec. 10,11, and 12. That was actually mostly loading and unloading- I had most of the packing done- which was a very good thing. On Wednesday, the 11th, Ron drove to Bandera to be at the house for a appointment to get Dish Net installed (long story about that...long bad story. More to come...) Mom and I watched all of the LOADING that day. Everything was finally in- we did some cleaning- then headed for Bandera about 8 pm. That meant that we arrived just before midnight. We had reserved a guest room for mom, here in Bridlegate, so that she didn't have to sleep on an air mattress.  I had thought  many times about how great that first night would be IN the house, but actually I was so exhausted, it wasn't quite the excitement that I was anticipating. The movers arrived early on Thursday morning to unload- again a very long day of "nonstop"! Finally by late evening, it was all IN somewhere ;) It took me two entire days to just unpack the kitchen essentials. Then I tackled the guest rooms up stairs, then our bedroom and other main rooms downstairs, then the Christmas decorations- by Thursday, Dec. 19, we were as ready for kids and grand kids to start arriving as we were going to get. The Christiansens arrived on Friday and the Petes arrived on Saturday. Our main goal for that weekend was getting everyone to church on Sunday. We go to a ward in Kerrville. It takes about 50 minutes to get there. A good plan is eat breakfast before church- then pack sandwiches and snacks to eat in the car on the way home for lunch. Then fix dinner late afternoon. On Monday, our goal was to go buy groceries to feed 23 people for a week. Mom, Alison, Ashley, and I headed to Boerne to do last minute Christmas shopping at Wal Mart, then buy groceries at HEB. Alison and Ashley did a great job of meal planning and assignments. We went out of HEB with 4 carts of food, which turned my laundry room counter into an extension of the kitchen for groceries. We had a great, fancy Christmas Eve dinner- mom bought shrimp and a prime rib roast. Then we had another great (turkey) dinner for Christmas day. All of us cooked various items for that. Christmas morning was a fun, simple Christmas for Jaden, Hailey, Mason, Dallin, and Emmy. On Thursday evening, the Simms arrived. On Friday evening The Andersons arrived. The Sunday after Christmas, there was 22 of us at church :) I packed an entire cooler of sandwiches, snacks, and drinks for that day :) The next few days we spent doing "stuff"and letting everyone experience our life here in Bandera.
I will post a few family pics now. Later I'll do another post with some house pics. I will also do a couple of other "catchup" posts- this was the readers-digest-condensed-version.We love the house, we love Bandera, we love the deer in the yard...our only BIG problem has been the internet connection. The Dish Net turned out bad, then switching to another provider has also had it's challenges. Now finally over a month later, we might have a workable connection. Of course we also have a few other "new house glitches" to work out...but we are here and trying to adjust to a completely new life style.

Can you tell that the grand kids all have a "Bandera" shirt? The boys shirts are navy and the girls shirts are pink. Thanks to GG for those cute shirts.

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