Monday, January 20, 2014

Moving Day Catchup

Here are a few pictures from moving day (December 11) - seems like "years ago" :) I'm still trying to figure out what happened last year. Especially over the Christmas holiday, it seemed like we were renting a vacation home- but then after all of the company left- we stayed. hehe

It was a very long day of wrapping, loading, and cleaning. Mom and I finally left Katy about 8 pm.- getting to Bridlegate just before midnight. We grabbed some dinner at Sonic in Katy and then headed west on our very familiar I10 route to Bandera. The movers arrived early the next day, for a very long day of unwrapping and unloading. Even though all of the furniture was wrapped and then moved, there was tons of chips, dents, broken corners, dings, and scratches. I can't imagine how so many of those things could have happened. 
Good thing that was the last move of our life ;)

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