Friday, January 31, 2014

Waiting For The Shower

Most mornings Ron gets up about 6 am, gets in the shower, has breakfast with me, then heads for his office. Usually I wait to get in the shower, after he is already working. One morning, I needed to be ready sooner than that, because mom and I were "heading to town". I was waiting for him to get out of the shower...when I realized...hey wait a minute there are two great bathrooms up stairs...what am I doing???!!! I guess the habit of sharing the same bathroom for all of these years, dies hard :) I could actually have my own bathroom...if I wanted. hehe
And...I love the way the bathrooms turned out in the house. The master bathroom downstairs is actually a full bathroom with a shower and another (small) full bathroom with a tub, with a french door in between. The small bathroom with the tub is also the downstairs guest bathroom. 
(The small corner tub in there works perfect for little kids).
In the 2 bathrooms upstairs- one has a shower and the other one has a tub/shower. So we pretty much have whatever your heart desires for "tub only"- "shower only"- "shower/tub".
One bathroom upstairs is teal and gray. The other bathroom upstairs is gold and gray. The master bathroom/guest bath, downstairs is terracotta and gray.

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