Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life is Good

For a while now, and especially during the Fall I was trying to walk a mile, ride my bike a mile, and stick to my low sugar, low carbs, low wheat, low dairy diet. I participated in a fitness challenge for 12 weeks. That ended the week we were moving. I didn't participate in the weight loss goals- because I didn't expect to lose any weight. During the 12 week challenge I might have lost a pound or two. Then as we were moving and with the Christmas holiday activity- I actually lost 9 pounds. Don't know if the results of the fitness challenge were just slow to take effect or what? :) Then I put a couple pounds back on :( 
So... back to walking a mile, biking a mile, and still on my diet. The diet is actually pretty easy for me- I have been on low sugar long enough that those cravings are gone. I will occasionally have a diet soda or chocolate- but those are my only vices ;) The only thing I really have to work at is drinking more water.
Here is where I walk now. Usually I scare up a few deer- they run along side the road ahead of me. No more dodging skunks (Cottonwood Lane), no more dodging dogs, cars, and trash cans (Creekbend Estates). I did tell Ron though, "If I go out to walk and don't come back in a reasonable amount of time. Come look for me- I'll be easy to spot- I'll be under a pile of buzzards along side the road!"

Yesterday, it was snowing in Denver and Utah. It was freezing in Atlanta. It was raining in Florida. It was a brilliant day in Texas. (Our builder has the railing up in the front. We are waiting for a painter to show up. The shutters are still in boxes in the garage.)

Today Ron is outside playing with his new chain saw :) Here was his last tree cutting project. He says, "I can make trash fasted than I call haul it away". He is really thinking he needs a "pick em up truck"!

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