Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Museum, Cake, and Parade

Are you ready for some really exciting "stuff" here lately? Now...don't get to excited about our lifestyle here...after seeing what Bandera has to offer for entertainment. hehe

One of the things we did on Ron's birthday was go visit a museum that is here in Bandera.

They had some pretty interesting things there...for a museum ;)

Here is Ron's SMALL German chocolate birthday cake. (that is not a full size plate- it is salad plate size)

Last Saturday, Bandera had their annual Mardi Gras parade, down main street. Everyone takes their own chairs and sits on both sides of main street. We sat directly in front of the Court House.

I didn't get pictures of all the people in "strange" outfits, but I did get pictures of the "strange" things in the parade :)

While we were sitting there waiting for the parade to start (about an hour early)- we were watching all of the people in their Mardi Gras outfits, sitting behind their pickup trucks or on their motorcycles , having drinks, dancing in the street (there was country and western music playing), and gathering with friends- we wondered, "How did WE get here???" It's a very new lifestyle for us. But...all I know is that Ron's blood pressure is as low as it has ever been...there must be something about living here that agrees with him. lol

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