Thursday, February 13, 2014

Noah, Chickens, and Valentines

Last week, I got my dining room all organized and pictures hung. Guess what the theme of that room is?
Noah's Ark ;)

My kitchen is still assorted "Chickens" :)

And for February...I put out some Valentine decor.
I don't have cute kids to take pictures of. I have to take pictures of cute STUFF. haha

I have been working on my office this week, but making slow progress there. I ordered window blinds from JCP this week. Custom window treatments were 30% off- then for using a JCP card, they gave me another 20% off. Yep...50% off- it was still a hefty price tag at that, for 18 windows. (Sad thing is, we have 28 windows, so I still have 10 more to go. Later)

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