Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life Without a Plan

Most days, now, I get up without a specific plan for the day. hehe
There are certain things that need to get done each week. There are some days that we have a particular appointment or other commitment to make. But most days...I just go with the flow. I have decided that my best plan, is to get up, take a shower, and get dressed. If I do that first, then the rest of the day, I am ready for "whatever". Did I already mention that most days there is no alarm clock set either. (The regular exception to that is Sundays. Occasionally there will be a day, here and there that require an alarm clock, but normally not)When I say, "get dressed" my normal attire is my sweat pants. I have actually been thinking that I might need a "dressy" pair of sweat pants (if that exists) ;) It used to be that I would never let myself be seen in public in my sweat pants. I have decided that some where along the way there is a particular age that we all reach- where we are willing to be seen in almost anything. I guess I crossed that point a while back. hehe We do try to plan our "trips to town" now, just to cut back on a little of the driving. Everything, besides Bandera is 30 miles away. (Honda to the south, Kerrville to the north, Boerne to the northeast, and Helotes to the east- all 30 miles.) Some days the internet connection is frustrating- then, by default,  I just leave the computer alone, on those days. Other days, Ron, mom, and I are perfectly happy to go to our separate rooms, and spend hours on the computer. I spend quite a bit of time each week planning a Sunday school lesson (Old Testament). Of course there is the usual cooking, cleaning, and laundry to do. And I still have certain things that need to be done for the store. Then after that...I'm like what should I do today?? Work outside, unpack a box, hang something on the wall, read a book, watch TV, exercise, work on a sewing project, create something, etc, etc. It's like I am living life without a plan. I guess that is what retirement and old age are. I have been wondering how I would manage that. hehe


Annie said...

There was one morning last year when I had to go get some medicine for Alex. I sort of complained about having to get dressed - I changed out of my pajama looking sweats into my yoga pants... we were laughing about that. There are more acceptable casual clothes to wear in public. Don't wear your PJs in public!

If you're bored, there are plenty of us that would love a grandma to help out. :)

Debora said...

I didn't have the word "bored" anywhere in my post- just life that "goes with the flow" for each day. And actually things just got more "scheduled" for the next 5 months (of chemo). There will be more "grandma" time later ;)

Debora said...

PS- Yep...no PJ's in public- lol

Debora said...

PSS- So it appears that when the kids are little- sweat pants all day are acceptable and when you are old, sweat pants all day are acceptable- all those years in between require getting dressed- lol