Monday, April 21, 2014

Bandera Easter

We had a fun, long weekend with Audrey, Sam, and the boys. They arrived late on Wednesday evening- so we had Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together. The weather was okay- could have been a bit warmer and Sunday was a gray, cloudy day, but that didn't damper our fun.

It wouldn't be a Bandera Easter without a cowboy hat :)

I have had some cute Easter decorations out for about a month.

Some Easter treats.

Some pool fun.

Baby Noah.

Audrey and Noah.

When we went shopping in Bandera, mom got a hat too.


Annie said...

Love those cowboy hats! Eli is cute in his diaper and cowboy hat, checking out his Easter basket. Love little chubby Noah too. Fun pictures!

Debora said...

I love Eli's "2 thumbs up" in the group pic with us :)