Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hill Country Spring Time

Last week, we took mom and went on a little day trip through some of the Hill Country of Texas. Our first stop was in Kerrville, to get a wheel chair for her. (that we knew we would need for the rest of the outing.) Then it is just a short drive to Fredericksburg, for a German lunch. Then just east of Fredericksburg is a place called Wildseed Farms. There is a gift shop there, a small restaurant, and a plant nursery. The flowers that were in bloom now, were the California Poppies. I got some great floral photos. We bought a few items in the gift shop. Ron bought a lime tree and another shrub. We had ice cream in the small restaurant. From there is was just a short drive to Luckenbach, Texas. Some of you recognize that name from a famous Country and Western song. Some of you aren't "old enough" or "country enough" to recognize it at all- hehe.
Here are a few photos from the day.

I guess they still have live music here at Luckenbach, every day. 
Ron wants to go "check it out" a few times, just to see if it's any good. :)
The "Luckenbach Feed Lot" is actually a food stand.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

House Pics- 3 Outside

I have had some requests on Face Book for some more "house pics"...but I just can't put this much personal info. out there online- hehe- well not out there on FB for the entire FB audience to see :) So here it is...for my personal audience to see :) I still have some of my
Easter decor out. Some of the photos are not great. I'm still trying to figure out how websites like Houzz, get such great photos :) The next three posts are house pics 1,2,and 3.

So here is our...even though I love country style- country is too cluttered for me...can't do rustic style- because how do you clean rough wood and stone...can't do traditional because it is too ornate...can't do modern, because it is too cold looking...minimalist works pretty good for me :)...I guess we ended up with a mixture of styles. Ron usually tells people the style we have is "practical". hehe

House Pics- 2 Downstairs

Downstairs- Entry way, Ron office, Master bath, Master bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, Pantry, Laundry/sewing, Library, Dining room. (not pictured- mom's bedroom, bathroom, and exercise room). 

Front entry way.

Ron office.

Guest bath. (this also has a small french door that opens into the master bathroom) Small corner tub in here and a walk in shower in the master bathroom.

Master bed room. (no window treatments here yet- still trying to decide on what I want :)

Living room.


Instead of a walk IN pantry...this is my walk BY pantry :) 
Since it is only 1 shelf deep- nothing ever gets lost in the "way back".

Laundry room and sewing room.


Dining room.

House Pics-1 Upstairs

Upstairs- 2 guest bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bunk room, media room, game room, 
Deb office, and upper deck.

 Guest bedroom 1

Guest bathroom 1. (this is also "my shower" bathroom)
The top picture is slightly deceptive, the reflection on the shower makes it look like there are two windows, but there is only 1.

Deb office. (both my office and Ron's office still need some unpacking and rearranging done)

Game room.

The bunk room. (Our builder loves to show off this room. I think he is amazed that he was able to build what I asked for. The bottom "drawers" are either real drawers or 2 trundle beds. That part was built by the custom cabinet people, then our builder added the rest.

Media room.

Guest bed room and bath room 2.

Upper deck.
Stairway and slide.