Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hill Country Spring Time

Last week, we took mom and went on a little day trip through some of the Hill Country of Texas. Our first stop was in Kerrville, to get a wheel chair for her. (that we knew we would need for the rest of the outing.) Then it is just a short drive to Fredericksburg, for a German lunch. Then just east of Fredericksburg is a place called Wildseed Farms. There is a gift shop there, a small restaurant, and a plant nursery. The flowers that were in bloom now, were the California Poppies. I got some great floral photos. We bought a few items in the gift shop. Ron bought a lime tree and another shrub. We had ice cream in the small restaurant. From there is was just a short drive to Luckenbach, Texas. Some of you recognize that name from a famous Country and Western song. Some of you aren't "old enough" or "country enough" to recognize it at all- hehe.
Here are a few photos from the day.

I guess they still have live music here at Luckenbach, every day. 
Ron wants to go "check it out" a few times, just to see if it's any good. :)
The "Luckenbach Feed Lot" is actually a food stand.

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