Thursday, May 1, 2014

House Pics-1 Upstairs

Upstairs- 2 guest bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bunk room, media room, game room, 
Deb office, and upper deck.

 Guest bedroom 1

Guest bathroom 1. (this is also "my shower" bathroom)
The top picture is slightly deceptive, the reflection on the shower makes it look like there are two windows, but there is only 1.

Deb office. (both my office and Ron's office still need some unpacking and rearranging done)

Game room.

The bunk room. (Our builder loves to show off this room. I think he is amazed that he was able to build what I asked for. The bottom "drawers" are either real drawers or 2 trundle beds. That part was built by the custom cabinet people, then our builder added the rest.

Media room.

Guest bed room and bath room 2.

Upper deck.
Stairway and slide.

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